Many customers have reported improved performance, quality and productivity through the use of RIQAS. Such improvements can help to increase efficiency and most importantly, reduce costs. Find out how RIQAS has helped some of these laboratories to not only meet regulatory requirements, but improve laboratory processes.

The decision to use RIQAS was based largely on consolidation and options for reducing laboratory costs. Furthermore, I like the user-friendly report format which is the same for all of the programmes we participate in. Also, reports are easy to interpret and offer time saving advantages for me and my colleagues. Planning is also easy as RIQAS shipments are made either once or twice a year, meaning that we are not waiting for samples to arrive. Therefore, there is less disruption to our laboratory processes. Mr Graeme Buckle, Biochemistry Department, South Tyneside NHS Trust
As RIQAS users we have found that the quality and stability of the samples has been good, the reporting timely and beneficial. Internet access is of particular benefit in an area where the post may take two weeks to reach. The graphs are user-friendly and provide very good guidance as to how the laboratory has been performing on different analytes. The range of methods and machines is excellent, and the opportunity of reporting in our own units is very helpful. Simon Hook FIBMS, Lab Supervisor, Clinical Pathology Services, Dubai

RIQAS is a flexible EQA scheme providing us with cost and time savings. Results can be submitted via the internet without the need to fax or mail documents. Feedback is quick and reports can be retrieved from RIQAS.Net and easily saved on the computer. After testing various other EQA schemes, I have decided RIQAS is the best solution. Doc. ing. Pavel Blazicek, Director of Clinical Chemistry Alpha Medical A.S.
Due to the large number of participants, RIQAS has enabled our lab to objectively compare results to other laboratories using the same methodologies, instruments and reagents. When combined with our daily quality control this gives us added confidence in our patients’ results. Dra Maritza Castellon, Lab Operations Manager Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá

We, at Alpha Medical A.S. regularly use RIQAS in all our accredited laboratories, where external quality assessment is an inevitable component of the quality management system. We acknowledge the progress made by moving from the old email based service to the very convenient web-based service. Dr. Marko Kapalla, Director of Communication, EPMA
We choose RIQAS due the ample programme offering, the high quantity of participating laboratories, sampling frequency and the fast return of reports containing statistics that allow us to evaluate our performance. Ms Silvia Vicario, QA Offices, Swiss Medical Group, Argentina

RIQAS reports are very easy to understand and contain useful information for us as a laboratory. Particularly useful is the target scoring chart which allows us to instantly assess performance. Jolanta Czeszko, Laboratory Manager, ALAB Laboratoria Sp