Getting Started with RIQAS EQA

  1. Register

    Complete the RIQAS method questionnaire and enrolment document for the programmes you wish to participate in. RIQAS will then issue you with a unique laboratory reference number.

  2. Order

    Contact a Randox representative to order the required kits.

  3. Sample Delivery

    Participants will receive a set of numbered blind samples at the start of the cycle along with a username and password for RIQAS.Net.

  4. Sample Analysis

    Prepare or reconstitute the appropriate sample as per the instructions provided and analyse like a patient sample on the recommended date.

  5. Report Results

    Submit results before the sample deadline via RIQAS.Net.

  6. Report Interpretation

    Receive your confidential report within 3 days (10 - 12 days for Serology programmes). Review report to assess performance and implement any corrective actions necessary.

  7. Receive certificate of Participation

    Receive certificate of participation at the end of the cycle providing more than half of all results have been returned.